Will RevenueCat update expiration date automatically if iOS subscription is extended/deferred?

  • 3 November 2022
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Hello! If a subscription is extended for a user via the AppStore’s subscriptions/extend/ endpoint, will Revenue Cat recognize the user is a subscriber even though the store side renewal date has changed?

In the RevenueCat endpoint (subscribers/{app_user_id}/subscriptions/{product_identifier}/defer) that allows to do that for an Android user, I read “If the response is successful, it will contain the updated Subscriber object.” so is there is subscriber object updating to be done manually in the iOS case via RevenueCat endpoints ? 😊


1 reply

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Hey @Jane! RevenueCat will automatically pick up the extended expiration date next time the receipt is refreshed (within a couple hours but before the renewal time) - nothing to do on your end :)