Why is the RevCat deduction from iOS sales to proceeds wrong and much too high?

  • 20 October 2022
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I recently noticed that the RevCat deduction percentage to get from IOS sales to iOS proceeds is totally wrong. The amount of sales shown for iOS is right, but instead of deducting 15% for our small business rate in the App Store, RevCat is deducting more like 24%. 15% would give the correct result. 24% is just grossly understating our iOS proceeds in RevCat for no reason I can find. The Play store sales and proceeds are correct however, only the App Store is totally wrong. What is going on here and how do we fix it? This means all of the financing reporting we’ve been relying on from RevCat must be horribly wrong.

1 reply

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Did you set up the Apple Small Business program in the RevenueCat settings? See