Why is difference Google Play Console setting price and WebHooks's `price_in_purchased_currency`!?

  • 26 October 2021
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I selected purchase price ¥550/JPY in Google Play Console, but RevenueCat Webhooks return ¥600/JPY as `price_in_purchased_currency`, I expected ¥550/JPY.

  • Why does the issue occur?
  • Please tell me RevenueCat console setting if exists.

it's too serious, since Apple/Goolge requires difference price in same product.
Thank you.



Best answer by Tsuruoka Hideki 1 November 2021, 08:40

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3 replies

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Any update???

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Was 550 the original price for the product or did you change the price at some point?


Changing the price of a recurring subscription product doesn’t always change the price of existing subscriptions (I don’t know the exact behavior on Android off hand) but if you changed the price, there could be existing subscriptions on the old price.



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@Jacob Eiting 

Hi. Thanks your response.

I recognized that it causes by `tax`.
So, its my fault in Google Play Console setting. sorry :(