Which webhook event is sent by RevenueCat when BILLING_ERROR is fixed by user?

  • 23 July 2022
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I am using the webhook system to keep my user's subscription up to date and if there is a BILLING_ERROR I need to set some properties on the User object in my database so that the user is reminded when they sign into the app to fix the billing error.

If there is a billing issue the webhook "CANCELLATION" webhook event is sent with the cancel_reason of "BILLING_ERROR".

This is all working fine for helping me to alert the user when they have a billing issue but how does my server get notified when the user fixes their billing issue so that I can update my database accordingly?

I was looking at the webhooks and it looks like it would be the UNCANCELLATION webhook event but I don't see anywhere in the documentation confirming this??

Also would there be a UNCANCELLATION.reason on the event object?

Does anyone know if this is the case?

1 reply

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The billing error occurs when a store attempts to renew the subscription but can’t charge the customer’s card. When the billing issue is resolved, the subscription will therefore successfully renew and you will receive a RENEWAL event. There is no reason in the payload of that event.