What is the day of a subscription churning? Is it the day the user unsubscribes? Or the day of the billing subscription date?

  • 22 January 2024
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Is a subscription still considered active if the user has cancelled - but the subscription hasn't reached the end of the current period? For example if I cancelled my subscription today, but billing would have restarted on the 25th, am I considered an active subscription still in RevenueCat until the 25th? Or does the churn reflect today since I cancelled today?


We have noticed some of the number of subscribers changing like on Jan 1 it was 63 but then changed to 64 randomly later. We are wondering if the above reason is the reason for the RevenueCat subscription numbers varying slightly over time. 


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2 replies


In the overall Dashboard, we see 63 active subscribers. 

When we expand the recent transactions, it says 60 customers. 


Is there an explanation for this discrepancy? 

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In the scenario you described you would still be considered active because your subscription hasn’t ended yet and you can still uncancel before the next billing period.

For that discrepancy - our overview page is on a different refresh cycle than other parts of the dashboard, so it might be that you gained or lost a small number of customers while different parts of the dashboard refresh.