What happens to active paid subscriptions if a promotional access is given via RevenueCat?

  • 8 October 2021
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does anyone know how a real (paid) auto-renewable user subscription (e.g. 3 months * 30$ each 3 months) will behave on the users side (App Store / Play Store) when on the backend we give the same user a promotional access via RevenueCat in the middle of the subscription period?

Thanks in advance!


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3 replies

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Hey @Wanilla!

Granting promotional access does nothing to the paid subscription - it will still be there and continue to renew, etc. and it doesn’t cancel the subscription.

If the promotional is granted for a longer duration than the subscription is active, the customer will retain access after their subscription expires (until the promotional expires). 

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Still confused by this statement and granting promotional access:

Granting promotional access does nothing to the paid subscription

If I have a user that subscribes for $3.99/month and I grant them promotional access for 6 months, I am assuming they wouldn’t pay for those 6 months after the promo is granted. A clarification of what happens with the user’s payment would be helpful.

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Bump. I’m wondering the same thing. I’m assuming they promotion doesn’t stop the stores from charging the customer if hey have an active subscription. So essentially, the user would have to cancel their subscription to receive a promotion without getting charged? 

Can you give guidance on how to navigate this situation?