watchOS 9 cannot fetch products with StoreKit 2 enabled

  • 18 September 2022
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Coming from I am unable to fetch any products with RevenueCat on watchOS 9 if I set the useStoreKit2IfAvailable flag in TestFlight.


The call is

Purchases.shared.getProducts …. { result in 

// this never gets called


I have also tried this with the native StoreKit 2 call (described in the StackOverflow thread) and I see a very similar behavior; essentially it doesn’t continue past the 

try await Product.products

call. This is all in TestFlight, I’m now afraid to push to production because I’m uncertain whether it will work in a public release. 

Now 2 things:

  • is there any way for me to further debug this?
  • RC, can you tell whether this issue will be lifted in production release? In both cases I think you really need to put a depreciation warning there for watchOS if you can reproduce the issue

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