Users are renewing a sub with a price of 0

  • 14 January 2022
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99% of my subscriptions are working fine, but I have a handful of users that are ‘renewing’ every month for a price of 0. Their initial conversion was also 0, as is every monthly renewal cost ongoing. Any idea what’s going on? Am I being cheated or is something just being mis-reported?

I’ve never changed prices, run any offers or introductory pricing, just a 7 day free trial, which as mentioned above is pretty much working as expected apart from these few anomalies.


1 reply

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Three reasons that may result in $0 price:

  1. Family-shared subscriptions. Subscription revenue is counted only once for the user who actually purchased it. Subscriptions that are labelled as “family-shared” by Apple are counted as $0.
  2. Newly created products that we don’t have the price for yet (this will resolve itself soon as we get more purchases.)
  3. If you’re sending receipts/fetch tokens to our API, make sure you’re sending the price.

If none of the above explain what you’re seeing, please open a support ticket so we can investigate further.