User sees only 1 of 2 subscription prices, how to get approval on App Store

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I’m submitting an update that add subscriptions. We offer full price, and sale price. A user only sees 1 at a time, controlled by our logic. So when Apple tests, they will only see full price.

Do you have any advice how to get Apple to approve? I’m concerned that they will reject the subscription at the sale price that they won’t be able to see in the app. (This is an app that already has many approved IAPs.)

Do I need to submit with 1 of the subscription IAPs, get approval, and then submit again with the other subscription IAP? (I can control server side which price point they see.)


Mark J

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Hey @FocusedApps!

You might want to explain in your review notes that subscriptions are showed in separate contexts with different prices, and be sure to provide a way that the reviewer can test both products (maybe by creating a custom offering with both products that you override for the App Store review account, and having a way for them to sign into the account with the override).

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Thanks Cody. They gave us rejections over features unrelated to subscriptions, stuff that has been previously approved several times. Then they approved both subscriptions, looking at log I don’t think they bothered to test subscriptions at all. (Possibly because a couple of years back we had a subscription that had passed.)