'Transfer to new App User ID' + syncPurchases() = Good enough?

  • 29 April 2023
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If I'm using the 'Transfer to new App User ID' Restore Purchase Behaviour, is just calling syncPurchases() after I call Purchases.configure() a reasonable course of action?

I could put a button there and do a proper restore, but if I’m presuming that the user is just going to hit the button anyway, doesn’t syncPurchases() save them the trouble?

Many thanks.

1 reply

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Hi, sorry for the delay. We recommend not calling syncPurchases() all the time as it may cause unwanted transfers or aliasing. If this doesn’t seem to be a problem in your app, then you can call it after configure. But I do recommend also having a restore purchases button so that the user can do this themselves, please see here for more details: