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I finally got my app on a closed track into the Play Store. But when buying a subscription with it, it is not sandboxed but is a real payment from my credit card. The docs only say that it should “just work”.


So, ehhhhh, does anyone have an idea of why my app is not in sandbox mode?


Best answer by openrussian-a332ea 12 May 2023, 20:30

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So to provide more info, I am using Expo and did the build with eas build -p android.

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...and yes, the user is listed as a “License Tester” for that app in Google Play.

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Okay, it works now! No idea why, I didn’t change anything but maybe it just needed a few hours after setting the License Testers.

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Hey There! 


Glad that this was solved, always let us know if anything else comes up!