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  • 18 January 2023
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Hi there,

We are trying to asses if would be possible to make price changes to our subscription products for our Flutter app. We’ve noticed that currently the Google Play Console warns us with the following message:

Would it be safe for us to proceed to make this subscription editable to update the price? In the past we have been warned not to do so, but I’m seeing other users being told that it is safe to do so?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,


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4 replies

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Hi Jacques,


We typically do not recommend changing prices because it makes things more complicated later when doing revenue calculations. Instead, our recommended approach is to create new products that you should be able to switch configuring your packages/offerings from the RevenueCat dashboard.


Having said that, you should be fine changing the prices and it should work.

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Hi Jacques,

I am considering the same thing for my account. Did you go ahead? Was it ok?

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I just found this in the Revenue Cat docs:


Making Subscriptions Editable, InAppProduct API

RevenueCat does not use the InAppProduct API for subscriptions. You are safe to make subscriptions editable, unless you are manually using this API outside of RevenueCat.

This is related to this notice:

If you are relying solely on RevenueCat for your subscriptions, you can safely select "Make editable".

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Thanks James!