"The receipt is missing" when purchasing via TestFlight on watchOS 9

  • 17 September 2022
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Now this is the same that’s happened with 

(also watchOS) except that their problem has been solved.


The documentation says that TestFlight installations won’t have a receipt until a purchase is made so you shouldn’t hit “Restore purchases” before making a purchase. However, we have seen this message now after trying to purchase an auto-renewing subscription. There isn’t much to read into the code, we basically only call


Purchases.shared.purchase(product: subscriptionProduct) { storeTransaction, customerInfo, error, userCancelled in

 and `error.localizedDescription` says "The receipt is missing". Trying to purchase again loads for 3 seconds, then says “The receipt is missing” again.


How likely is this an issue on our side, vs on RevenueCat’s side, vs on Apple’s (watchOS 9, Sandbox, TestFlight) side? I’d trust RC blindly if it wasn’t for the recent watchOS issue in their code discussed above because other than that you have a fairly well reputation among developers.

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From my experience, it is on Apple's side.  So, I wouldn’t worry too much about this issue.