Test notifications doesn't work (Android)

  • 31 October 2023
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Hello, I followed guide for configuring RevenueCat in Google Play Console but I can't send the test notification. I have this error in Play Console: "Make sure you've entered the topic name in the correct format, that you've configured Google Cloud correctly, and that you have the required permissions".

I've waited more than 48 hours but nothing changed; when I click on "Submit test notification" in Play Console, the POST returns: "The caller does not have permission" and HTTP status 403.

I've seen and double checked the really useful checklist but didn't found the problem, could you please help me?


3 replies

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Hi, it sounds like your subscription API or permissions might not have been validated by Google yet. When you check the status of your credentials, is it validated as shown here?

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Hi, my credentials are valid, I see exactly the same of the screenshot in the page you linked. I asked for support from your website and Kaitlin (Developer Support Engineer) was looking into it but I didn’t had answers yet from 2/11/2023.

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Internally solved – solution was to regenerate and re-upload credentials to RevenueCat