Subscriptions across devices

  • 29 October 2023
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I have implemented RevenueCat in my app and am testing the restore functionality across multiple devices. 

I use a device identifier as the RevenueCat user ID. This is a UUID generated when I first authenticate the app on first run.

When I restore the subscription on another device, the subscription is transferred to the new app user id, and the old device no longer has a subscription to the content. I can get it back by hitting restore in the old device, but then the new device does not get the content too  

The Apple guidelines state:

“Subscriptions must work on all of the user’s devices where the app is available.”

How do I ensure that the subscription is available on all devices which the user owns, and has the app installed on? I don’t want to have the person perform a login step. 

1 reply

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RevenueCat won’t leave the subscription active across all devices/ids at once, so we transfer the purchases instead. This will pass Apple’s guidelines and is what can be expected on the RevenueCat side. If you would like to keep a 1:1 purchase to every unique app_user_id, you will have to use the login() function. Here is our documentation about sharing subscriptions across devices.