Subscription gone after uninstalling the app?

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If Ive an auto-renewable subscription and uninstall the app. after reinstalling again the sheet to subscribe pops up. Is that correct? And if you assumed again click on subscribe that the money isnt debited?

And when Im testing, the subscription of my app isnt displayed in the Apple ID under Subscription. 

Is this all correct and is this only due to testing?


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Hey @Nico!

It’s expected that after a re-install, the user might not have access to the subscription if the device receipt hasn’t been re-synced with that app user ID. You’ll want to give the user the option to call `restorePurchases` to re-sync their purchases.

Additionally, sandbox subscriptions won’t appear under the product Apple ID → Subscriptions section, only from the sandbox environment Apple ID settings. (Settings → App Store → Sandbox → Manage)

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Does this mean I should call Purchases.restoreTransactions() every time the user logs in? Otherwise how will my app know if it was just reinstalled or if the user is using the same old device?

This much probably might have something to do with this part of the documentation, I think:


Google Play on Android

Due to platform limitations, purchases will be transferred as soon as you call configure if a user's purchases are already associated with another app user ID.

This may cause unexpected transfers of purchases between app user IDs, especially for apps with optional logins or users with multiple devices. To prevent this behavior, you should wait to call configure until you have the appropriate app user ID for your customer.