Stripe billing error but finally charged - RC cancelled the subscription

  • 15 December 2021
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We have a case where Stripe had a billing error, but after a few retries it managed to charge, however the RC customer panel shows contradictory information: the history reports as cancelled due to the billing error but the entitlements say it will renew.

Stripe reports that the subscription will renew.


So what is the truth here? 😅





Best answer by jazmine 20 December 2021, 18:19

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2 replies

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Hey @Dan Tamas ,

It looks like this request got handled as a Zendesk ticket. The ordering on the timeline seemed to be  correct. We order purchase date based on when the stores report it was purchased. The subscription will renew, we just ordered the purchase date to be before the billing issues because of our dashboard displays the event.

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@jazmine thank you