Separate subscription groups for products when offering sale pricing? (iOS)

  • 6 October 2023
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When creating multiple offerings (ie. for sales or A/B testing), I understand it’s recommended that iOS devs use separate subscription groups so that users only see one offering in iOS subscription management page. HOWEVER...

Question: What happens when a current user reinstalls on a new device and hits “Purchase” instead of “Restore Purchases”? With the separate subscription groups approach, there is the chance they will be double-charged if get the “B offering” when they originally purchased the “A offering”, correct? 😬

Comments? Suggestions? Thx.





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Hey @jpm001! 👋

You can programmatically call `syncPurchases` to be sure that the user’s active purchases are associated to the user for any active entitlements they may have, before allowing them to make a purchase. Otherwise, you’re right, the user might be able to make a purchase of the other subscription group and have two active subscriptions.


Thanks, Cody. 

At what point in the app lifecycle of a new install would you recommend calling ‘syncPurchase’? As I understand, there’s the potential risk of it calling an Apple ID sign-in alert, right? 

Note of relevance?: I’m using auto-generated anonymous IDs 

Thanks again for your help! It’s my first couple days with RC!