Seeking Advice on Implementing Multi-Profile Subscriptions for iOS and Android in a Social Media App

  • 3 July 2024
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We're developing a social media app that enables users to subscribe to multiple profiles, similar to the functionality available on X. We're seeking the best approach to implement this feature for both iOS and Android. Any advice or recommendations?

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Hi @Lino Suarez

  • You can make a bunch of products using the app store connect API ahead of time then for every user you can assign them a product as needed and then if they leave you can remove the product. Here you would work with a pool of products, with each subscription having its own subscription group. Apple's limit is 10,000 products and if you need more than this you can get permission by reaching out to Apple.
  • An alternative method would be to create subscription products that are like bundles where a product lets you subscribe to one person, one lets you subscribe to five people, one ten people etc. but with this method you need to keep track of the number of subscriptions left and which subscription it is on your end.

I would generally recommend an approach like the second. Even though it requires you do to some management on your end, it’s a much less complex App Store / Google Play setup, and it doesn’t require permission from Apple if you need to increase the number of subscriptions in the future.