Second party approval to allow a first party to use

  • 20 February 2023
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Hi person that may help,

is it possible for all an app’s features be made fully available to a user, only after a second party “administrator” has approved for that full functionality and the administrator pays for the subscription/purchase?

So, the administrator verifies the user and then allows the app user full access (say from free trial access status) and then the administrator pays the monthly/yearly subscription for the user’s access - for multiple users. 
So that the full App experience is a feature of their relationship.

I hope that gives you an idea for what I’m trying to ask/understand - if it is possible, some pointers would be appreciated 😀

1 reply

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Hello, happy to help here!

At this time, a “team-based” system, or a system where a user buys/manages a subscription for a single/set of users, isn’t quite supported out of the box. From RevenueCat’s perspective, we recommend having a single end-user paired with a single app user ID to avoid mixing receipts between users IDs.

You’ll need to build a system on your end to handle this type of sharing between different users- I’d recommend building a system that allows users to be a part of a “group” or “team”, then determine feature access based on the group owner’s subscription status (in this case, the parent/administrator) from your own server with our REST API or webhooks.