RevenueCat not automatically removing expired promotional entitlements

  • 3 April 2022
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I have granted a one day promotional entitlement on 2/18/2022. It should have expired 2/19/2022. It is 4/2/2022 and the entitlement is still returned from${userId}


This can not be happening for our users. Any help? Heres where the page says entitlements will automatically be removed once expired:


1 reply

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Hi @Braden Bagby - sorry for the confusion. We don’t remove entitlements from that GET /subscribers response once they are expired - we continue to return all entitlements there and you have to check the expiration date to determine if it’s currently active (you can see in that example the expiration is 2/19/2022). 

Our document on Promotionals could be more clear - when we say we will remove the entitlement, we don’t mean that it’ll be removed from the API response, we mean that the entitlement access will have expired.