RevenueCat App Submitted and Accepted in Apple App Store but Subscriptions rejected

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This is strange. Apple accepted the latest version of my app, with RevenueCat support which was tested and working in Xcode following all the docs, with test users etc. However, the subscription group page on the app store shows that: 

“A subscription has been returned and is highlighted in the table below.”

And both subscriptions (monthly and annual) show an ‘x’ with “Developer Action Needed”

Finally, the English Localization section shows the app group subscription group as “rejected.”

So when I download my app, and attempt to subscribe, it crashes.

Anyone know what’s going on and how to correct?

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Hey @Dalmazio!

That’s really bizarre - you’d definitely expect that the app would be rejected along with the in-app purchases.

You might need to submit another build, and try to get those products submitted along with the new build. Alternatively, you might be able to submit an appeal to the App Review board explaining what happened.

Did you get any further instruction on the what developer action was required for the products? It’s also possible they can be corrected without another build, but generally I’d also expect an email or something with next steps.

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Yes, very strange. Apple escalated and investigated, and after a few days, accepted the subscriptions. Some kind of glitch perhaps. All’s well that ends well.