Reusable Product ID

  • 14 December 2022
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Can we use the iap product ids for our application in the App Store in another project after uninstalling the application?

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After you use a Product ID for one product in App Store Connect, it can’t be used again across any of your apps, even if the product is deleted.


We recommend using a consistent naming scheme across all of your product identifiers to avoid reusing them such as:

<app>_<price>_<duration>_<intro duration><intro price>

  • app: Some prefix that will be unique to your app, since the same product Id cannot but used in any future apps you create.
  • price: The price you plan to charge for the product in your default currency.
  • duration: The duration of the normal subscription period.
  • intro duration: The duration of the introductory period, if any.
  • intro price: The price of the introductory period in your default currency, if any.

In this case, I want to set up a yearly subscription with a one week trial for $39.99 USD. Using this format I've set my product identifier as: