React Native - Not build where RevenueCat is installed

  • 13 October 2021
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I have an app working perfectly and it's time to implement purchases in it through Revenuecat.

However when I install the react-native-purchases library several errors related to Swift are displayed (both when I try from the console and from XCode).

The RN version I'm running is 0.63.4, Xcode 13.0 and I'm testing it in simulators/devices with IOS 15.

Are there any known incompatibilities with these versions?

Some errors I get when trying to compile:

  • Undefined symbol: protocol conformance descriptor for Swift.UInt8 : Swift.FixedWidthInteger in Swift
  • Undefined symbol: protocol descriptor for Foundation.LocalizedError
  • Undefined symbol: method descriptor for Foundation.LocalizedError.errorDescription.getter : Swift.String?
  • Undefined symbol: method descriptor for Foundation.LocalizedError.failureReason.getter : Swift.String?
  • Undefined symbol: (extension in Foundation):Foundation.LocalizedError.recoverySuggestion.getter : Swift.String?
  • Undefined symbol: (extension in Foundation):Foundation.LocalizedError.failureReason.getter : Swift.String?

(and a lot more, about 100).

Any suggest for help me to use Revenuecat in my project?

(When I uninstall the library all back to works fine)

Thanks for all for your attention!


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Hey @Daniel Pimentel :wave: ,

When looking at our docs for the Additional setup required for IOS for React Native which option are you using? Installing with Cocoapods / ExpoKit (with Auto-linking) , Installing with Cocoapods / ExpoKit (Manual linking only) or Manually adding the framework (if you're not using Cocoapods)?



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After a few days stucked I simple add a empty swift file on my project and everything works fine!