Purchases doesnt fetch after recreating App Store Payment Agreement Renewal

  • 21 February 2023
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Several days ago out App Store Payment Agreement Renewal has expired and we created new one.After this changes purchases works fine in released in store builds.But the same version in testflight or in connected iphone doesnt work.I alredy tried everything.Someone help me pls

1 reply

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If you have made changes after the App Store Payment Agreement Renewal, you need to create a new build and upload it to TestFlight.

If that was done, renewals might sometimes take more time to update on Apple’s side. You might want to reach out to Apple Developer Support on this, these are some ideas:

  1. Check the that the Bundle Identifier is the same and configuration is set up correctly.
  2. Check that the profiles are still up to date and configured correctly.
  3. Try a new test account, different device, etc.
  4. Try a new build again.