Purchase failures affecting only Chinese users

  • 29 May 2024
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Lately, a few of my users from Mainland China have emailed me about possible purchase failures with my app. However, at the same time, users from other countries (Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan) can still make purchase, so I suspect it might be something to do with China’s latest policy to block Chinese users from making in-app purchases? For the information, the last Chinese user that was able to make in-app purchase was from two months ago (2024-04-05) and according to the ‘China Firewall Test,’ seems to operate well.


So my question is, has anyone been in a similar situation and solved the same issue? Thanks.



  • react-native version: 0.71.8
  • react-native-purchases version: 7.5.1
  • sandbox testing passes (but no sign-in prompt for me to sign in to the sandbox account)
  • no debug log or error code for now
  • platform: App Store

1 reply

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China is a bit of a black box for us. We do have a large number of purchases made in China (somewhere in the top 10 for countries for IAPs through RevenueCat), but we don’t really have insight into which provinces, etc. we may or may not be blocked in.

If you notice any specific patterns about the users who are blocked, I can forward them to our team and see if there’s anything we can address on our side.