Offer code accepted by the App Store but Revenuecat did't see it and the user has no entitlement

  • 18 January 2023
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My app is built in Flutter. As suggested by the revenuecat documentation, I’m redirecting the users to the app store to redeem offer code.

In some tests I made, the offer code was accepted by the app store but revenuecat didn’t recognize it and the user is seen as not paying.

I’ve setup all the settings required bu revenuecat, including the “In-app purchase key configuration”.

Not even “addPurchaserInfoUpdateListener” is called after the redemption of the offer code.

4 replies

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Hey There!


Is this for a subscription or for a non-subscription purchase? Sandbox and TestFlight behavior has been seen to be inconsistent for Offer codes as well, which could be at play here. 


If the user is seen as not paying, that is expected with offer codes because there are limitations of available information on purchases made with Offer Codes. Accurate revenue tracking is not yet supported in the RevenueCat dashboard. All initial purchases made with Offer Codes are assumed to be $0 transactions. 


Also, which version of the Flutter SDK are you using? In newer versions, `addPurchaserInfoUpdateListener` has been renamed to `addCustomerInfoUpdateListener`, if you are on an older version of the SDK, I recommend updating to the latest version which could be found here


This should be a fairly large update and will involve some refactoring, but there are more features added in the new version and many bug fixes. More information about moving from an older version to version 4 can be found here

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Hey Michael, Thanks for your answer but I think I understood why this was happening:

Offer codes on iOS don’t work as expected in either the simulator, a real device (with the app installed from xcode) or testflight. The app MUST run in production.

After a user in production uses an offer code, the user is seen as a Trial user in revenue cat as it should be. My next step will be to use addCustomerInfoUpdateListener to check when the user has successfully redeemed the code.

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Hello @frmPXP


Yup! glad to hear that this was solved, please always let us know if you have any other questions! 

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Hi @Michael Fogel ,

I have basically the same issue but for google play store. I user redeemed a one year subscription promo code with 3 months free and I see it in the google play console but not in the web hooks at all.

Btw it seems that the support form with the description field is buggy on Safari. It just freeze at some point.