Non renewing subscription only purchased once


Hi, is it possible to create a non renewing subscription with a specific duration and have a user only buy it once? I’m trying to create a one-time-free purchase of the app that automatically expires after a day and does not renew for the user

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You can definitely create non-renewing subscriptions which suits perfectly your case. 

Here’s the documentation for the AppStore and we also support it in RevenueCat and it comes as `NON_RENEWING_PURCHASE` event.


I hope this helps!


Thank you for your message! That makes sense. Is it possible for the user to not be able to buy the purchase again even if it expires? Is this something that apple provides or would have to be implemented on our end? 

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No worries, happy to help!

You could use a non consumable product which is only allowed to be bought once and it’s meant to never expire. Is this what are you looking for?