No subscriptions but Google says there is...

  • 5 December 2021
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I am wondering when you have subscriptions and they are on auto renew does the active subscriptions go empty after the first initial subscription?

I am testing this in google and the active subscriptions to go empty I believe this would be after the second auto renewal , is this normal ?


activeSubscriptions:  {subscription={expiresDate=Sun Dec 05 14:03:22 GMT 2021}},
    activeEntitlements: [],
    entitlements: [],
    nonSubscriptionTransactions: [],
    requestDate: Sun Dec 05 13:56:30 GMT 2021

2 replies

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Hey @appstrader!

Subscriptions will be considered included in active subscriptions as long as it hasn’t yet expired - once it stops renewing and expires, it will no longer be active. It looks like in your example it was still active as of the request date- does that make sense?

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Hi Cody thanks for your reply, 

Not sure I understand, let me explain my issue or what might be an issue a little better.

I have my subscription working with one subscription for one device, I don’t use a back end I only use RC this is working correctly.

There comes a point where my subscribed device receives back from Rc that there are no subscriptions even though I have not cancelled the test subscription, after a period of time I believe RC then starts to say it is subscribed again.

This is the point where I worry that subscribed devices will suddenly lose their subscription, im not sure if this will happen in real life or only in test mode or if there is always this period where no active subscriptions are found from RC.

Hope that makes more sense.