no-login app: user can access subscription on multiple devices

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Hello Revenue Cat Community.


I have an internal test track of a Google Play app, with a RevenueCat managed subscription (anonymous, no app login).


I was under the impression that if a user bought a subscription on Device A , and then downloaded the app on Device B (and logs into his Google Play account on that device) - then the subscription should only work on one of the devices. 

Currently I am testing with 2 physical devices - and it doesn’t seem to matter which device I bought the subscription on, and which device I use to access the app: the subscription works on both of them.

Is my assumption wrong then? Subscriptions will work on any device - so long as the user is logged into the correct Google Play account? (and does this logic hold for Apple?)



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To clarify, on app start up I execute:

   purchaserInfo = await Purchases.getPurchaserInfo();

to set the user’s entitlements. 


I can see why this restores entitlements on  Device A (used for intitial purchase) but it also appears to grant entitlement on Device B.

Is this normal? 



Hello Craig, 

It is the expected behaviour on both Google & iOS. 

The user will have all entitlements associated with that App User Id. The user will be able to gain access to the content associated with that entitlement wherever you set up the logic to do so.

That includes different devices on iOS, Android, and web that log in with the right appUserID and use the RevenueCat offerings API.

I hope this answered your question, please let us know otherwise or if there is anything else we could help with. 


Have a great day, 


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Ok that’s great, thanks for the reply Anna.