Multiple subscriptions with the same apple ID

  • 8 August 2023
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We’re working on an app that allows users to register an account and create a “Business” that can list its menu, offers, branches, and many other details. We have a registration phase where the user signs in using email OTP. We want to follow a business model that includes renewable subscriptions where each subscription is associated with a business such that if the user subscribes using business A, signs out, and registers a new business B, the new business B would be on the basic plan and the user must be able to subscribe again using the business B, but since payments are associated with the Apple ID, apple will see the newer business B as already subscribed and will throw an error saying that you’re already subscribed. We thought about having different subscription groups where each group would correspond to a different business, so in the above example business A would have a subscription from Group 1, and business B would have a subscription from Group 2. We would then store each business subscription metadata in our server so that we can differentiate which business is subscribed from which subscription group and so on. 

Is there any better alternative than what we came up with or any hassles/limitations in the above approach that we’re not seeing now?

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Hey @Omar,

It looks like we also have a support ticket open, but I’ll paste the answer here as well for anyone coming across the post:

Looking further into this with the current idea of implementation, Apple may not allow different subscription groups for something like this and as the app would grow this might not be the most scaleable approach as you would have to continue to have different subscription groups. 
In your case, I'd recommend instead having subscriptions that allow for a certain number of businesses, e.g. a tier that allows for 1 business, a tier that allows for 5, etc. With this setup, customers would be able to upgrade between the tiers depending on the number of businesses they want/start.