Multiple App User using the app, will they all access to the subscription?

  • 4 November 2023
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Hi all,

I have completed, I believe, the integration of Flutter development with RevenueCat. My app has it’s own user system. I have the following questions:

  1. When the app user X make subscription, the payment is make by AppleID? 
  2. If the payment is make by AppleID, when the app user Y login and try to make the subscription using the same AppleID, what will happen?
  3. Will all the app users login to the device with a same AppleID get the subscription?
  4. If I want all app users who login to the device with a same AppleID to get the same subscription, what should I do?


Thank you

2 replies

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Hi @bacabuku-e6ed72,

  1. The receipt that the SDK checks is tied to the Apple ID, as is the payment.
  2. If User Y logs in with the same underlying Apple ID, what will occur would depend on your restore behavior - if you’re on the default “Transfer to New App ID” behavior, then when User Y logged in, the receipt from User X would be transferred to User Y.
  3. This would most likely initiate a transfer each time a new user logged in - the receipt can never belong to more than one user at a time.
  4. This would not be possible under the current system - if you’d like a customer to be able to purchase for a team, or community, then you would need to build this logic on your end. Otherwise, as each user logs in with the same Apple ID, this will pull entitlement access away from other users who have previously logged in with that same Apple ID. Alternatively, you could recommend your users look into Family Sharing, to share subscriptions.
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Hi Kaitlin,

Refer to you answer for question 2: -

  • Is the transfer automatic? Do I have to program it?
  • If I let this happened, every time a user with different ID login, as long as the Apple ID remain unchanged, the user will get access to the subscription?
  • That effectively make all users, as long as the device did not logout from that Apple ID, accessible to the subscription?