Missing field in transfer webhook event (sandbox)

  • 20 January 2023
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I got the following event through webhook:

    "event_timestamp_ms" : 1674239936328.0,
    "store" : "APP_STORE",
    "transferred_from" : [ 
    "transferred_to" : [ 
    "type" : "TRANSFER",
    "id" : "00DC5B1C-3166-47FB-8F19-AB2B406F8484",
    "app_id" : "app9a300b6a91"


Is it expected? There is no product_id, so I don’t know what should I transfer.


Best answer by Haley Pace 23 January 2023, 22:06

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2 replies

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Yes this is expected. Webhook transfer events are a transfer of all transactions and entitlements between one App User ID(s) to another, see here for more details:

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I am having the same information. The TRANSFER event just has source and destination. I understand that it includes everything, but that means further work needs to be done. What would this work be if there is not product nor entitlement ids? How do we get these?

I am using the client sdk and firebase webhooks. No API at this time and would like to avoid it and use as much out-of-the-box.

Is the only option to query RC via the API to know what exactly is being transferred?