Managing Block restores

  • 13 September 2021
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Hi, we are trying to block restores for users, we would like to only associate 1 apple id to our own account, the problem we are having is that on Android(having previously configured RC to block transfers) , if we login with two different  accounts but the same Google account , RC will let us buy the same product , in the other hand on apple , if we login with two different  accounts of our own but the same Apple id, it will not buy the product although the purchase completes ( we know this is the intended behaviour), what we intend to do , is only link one apple o android account to our own account , i already checked the docs and other post but this different behaviour between apple and google seems strange, we hope you can help us understand better 

Thanks for your time.


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Hi @Alebat Education ,

Block restores only handles incidences when someone is restoring purchases on a account. RevenueCat won’t block any incoming transactions. So the example you described wouldn’t be using block restores because restoreTransactions isn’t being called. 

Given your example this scenario would fall under Block Restore behavior:

From my understanding Apple won’t allow you to purchase a product twice, but Google does allow users to purchase multiple subscriptions to the same app, so that could be what's going on.