Issue with Google Play Store setup

  • 30 December 2022
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We are having issue with the Google Play Store setup.

We’re seeing the following error: Invalid Play Store credentials.

We’ve checked all the posts already regarding the issue.

But we’ve also noticed that the RevenueCat Service Account doesn’t seem to be correctly linked to Google Cloud. We’ve followed the documentation and already granted access to the service account on the Play Store but it is still not appearing in the permission section of the service account on Google Cloud.


Do you know where this issue could come from?


Thank you,


3 replies

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Hi, thanks for reaching out! I have created an internal ticket to look over this with you and will update here with our findings

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Hi @Haley Pace  Thank you for your answer but it started working after a couple of days so all good!

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Glad to hear it! In this case, it probably was the 36 propagation time. It can take up to 36 hours for your Play Service Credentials to work properly with the Google Play Developer API, and as a result you can get "Invalid Play Store credentials" errors (503 or 521) and be unable to make purchases with RevenueCat until this happens.