Is signIn must for providing restore on IAP (consumable)? - Flutter, RevenueCat

  • 10 November 2022
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Buying Flow:


>> Display IAP Consumable

>> User Buying Consumable

>> Ask For Login (Fedrated Sign In Flow)

>> Get Unique User ID

>> Store User ID on Server (Fire Store)

>> Call RevenueCat SignIn

>> Initiate Buying on underlying platform

>> On Successful transaction RevenueCat will update Fire Store DB using webhook

>> On Platform, call fire store DB to validate transaction

>> Allow user to consume Product


Restore Flow:


>> User asked for Restore >>

>> Ask user to login

>> Get Unique User ID

>> Validate on Fire Store

>> Restore Consumable


Does above flow looks good? or do we have simple alternative?

Is fire store is better & simpler ?

Does FireStore Auth provides multiple provider sign in Option ?

Do we get Unique user id on Sign In from Google, FB, Apple etc.? 

any guide for implementation? 


1 reply

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Hey @Abhijeet!

Consumable transactions fall off of a user’s underlying receipt after a short period of time, so they likely can’t be restored without assigning the consumable transactions to a user ID like you mentioned. If you’re building some kind of coin/token system, you’ll need to keep track of

I’d recommend listening to NON_RENEWING_PURCHASE webhooks from your server: