iOS subscription Levels, up/downgrade clarification

  • 17 November 2021
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On iOS store, I have created 3 products in the same group at 3 different levels. One product at each level.


Reading below, I followed the process. In my sandbox environment, I initiated purchase at Level 2, which went through fine. I then initiated another purchase at Level 1 which went through fine BUT... I was expecting Level 2 to be isActive = false! after the Level 1 in-app purchase goes through. I am actually seeing both Level 1 product and Level 2 Product as active and will renew = true for both.


Can someone help me understand why this is please? and if it is a normal behaviour?



I also read that at any one time, only one subscription can be active in any one group, but this is not what I am experiencing as stated above. Am I missing something?


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Hey @DeeJay!

It is possible to have two active trials for different products in the same subscription group - maybe that’s what you’re experiencing?

When the subscription renewed, did you only have one active product at that time?

There are some quirks with the upgrade / downgrade behavior that only occur in sandbox, this could be a case where the upgrade goes through but the old product isn’t getting removed from the receipt for some reason. In production this wouldn’t happen, and fortunately the complete upgrade/downgrade behavior is managed on the Apple side so there aren’t any code changes or anything like that you need to do if your configuration is correct in App Store Connect.