iOS Product Offering Issue After Price Change

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I was testing my app tonight making sure changes were working and I went to test my subscription button in iOS. When I click it, it pops up an error that I have a problem with my configuration. I haven’t changed anything in the code. I did, however, set my prices to increase today (March 1st). Does this cause problems with RevenueCat? Is it something that will resolve on its own? I have found nothing to help me. Everything has been working great for the past week and it just tanked tonight.

I have verified that everything works great with Google. My Apple products are not found for some reason. I even deleted my project and set it back up. Nothing. I have nothing to sign for Apple in my App Store Connect account.

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Hey there,

Are you still having trouble? If you deleted your project, it would change your API key which would cause existing clients to not be able to connect to the RevenueCat SDK.

I’ve not heard of price changes making products unfetchable, so it seems like there could be something else going on. If you’re still having trouble, can you create a support ticket from our dashboard referencing this post?

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As I’m still in beta testing, deleting the project caused no issues. However, it still told me my configuration was wrong; and, I hadn’t changed a thing. After the new project didn’t work, I set up new IDs with Apple for my three subscription tiers, added them to RevenueCat and, viola, it worked.