Invalid Play Store credentials after changing them

  • 12 January 2022
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I recently change the Service Account JSON because the old one did not work after moving app to another account on Play Store Console. I changed it 48 hours ago and I still have Invalid Play Store credentials.

I verify that the Service Account JSON hasn’t any space after copied it from RevenueCat page. I double checked that everything is ok after following your guide.

You say in the guide that it can takes 36 hours, in the support, you say 48 hours. What the max time should I wait before recreating the service?

For the spaces, I entered the JSON with spaces but when I download it from your site, there isn’t any space, you remove them automatically?

Do you have on your side more information to help me?


2 replies

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I connect the Google Developer Notifications and each time a I make a purchase, The last received date of Google Developer Notifications Topic ID is updated.

Where is the problem?

Please, I really need help

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I found the problem. The Service Account JSON was wrong because the edit function doesn’t work. I used it and I download again the Service Account JSON and it wasn’t the good one.

Delete and add the new one works.

Hope it will help someone