"In Review" for nearly a week

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I have introduced monthly and yearly subscriptions using RevenueCat SDK in my app. My app including these products has been approved, but the subscription products are still “In Review” status for nearly a week.

Is this a regular delay according to your experience? Do you think I should keep waiting?

I am concerned because my app offers these non-available products to the customers. Not a good user experience.

It seems I cannot revoke these subscription products from review in the AppStore Connect interface. I wonder if it is possible to revoke them and submit them again, if it helps?

I wrote to the AppStore support, they replied that they will let the reviewers know. But nothing changed. The waiting silently continues. I keep checking and seeing “In Review” status with no feedback or update.

Thank you.

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Hey @Luke!

Hmmm, the products should have been ‘Approved’ before you app was. I would try to escalate this with Apple if possible since those customers won’t be able to really buy products for ~24hrs after the products get into the ‘Approved’ state (it takes a while for Apple to propagate the products after approving). I’m not really sure what else you could do from your end :( 

In the future I always do the manual release option in App Store Connect which gives you some more control over things.



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Thank you for your reply, @ryan !

I just want to update my issue here. I contacted Apple Developer support twice about this problem. My subscriptions were finally approved later. The process took approximately a week or a little more.