In app purchase is slow

  • 28 November 2023
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The response time during in-app purchase is very slow. Everytime I try to make a test purchase and click on a package, it take a 4-6 seconds for the bottom sheet to show up, where I can make the purchase. 

similarly, after the purchase, there is a several seconds ( 5-6 seconds) wait period to get the acknowledgement that the purchase is successful.


This is a poor experience for the user. Do others experience the same response time? Is there anything I can to improve the response time? 


Thanks in advance for your help.


4 replies


We have the same issue only on iOS. And our app was rejected by Apple due to slow speed on in-app-purchase, couldn’t find any other solution, any suggestion?

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Hey all,

This is pretty common in sandbox mode unfortunately. Apple’s environment and APIs are slower than in production, which results in the purchase modal and purchase completion to take several seconds to complete. At this time, it’s expected behavior.

To avoid confusion with customers and with App Review, I’d recommend displaying an activity indicator so the end-user knows that something is happening behind the scenes,.

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Thank Cody for getting back.  Am I correct in assuming from your answer that the response is slow(er) even in production. 

As you suggested, I have added activity indicator but the delay is too long and it will still have a poor user experience. 

any other suggestions?  

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Hey @omar-nawaz-d1283d,

Generally, these responses are much faster with Apple’s production environment, but there still can be a short delay.