I have a problem with Customer Attributions after renewal

  • 26 June 2024
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I am using revenuecat in my three apps. I have a problem with attributions for the first app.

When the first subscription starts I see some attributions (ip, idfa, idfv, appslyerid, onesignalid ) but after renewal subscriptions I don't see any attributions. 

My other two apps have all citations after renewal and there is no problem.

In all my applications; Firebase, Fb, AppsFlyer, SearchAds integration is available. Also, revenuecat plugin is installed on Firebase. I don't understand a problem with these integrations. 

Does anyone have any idea?

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1 reply

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Hi there,


Joan here, happy to help you.

Would you mind sharing the id of a user where this is happening? You can share it in a private message to me. This way I can see what’s going on and where are we missing the id.

Also do you update the customer at any point through our API?