Huawei In-App Purchases

  • 5 November 2021
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I was thinking about uploading my React-Native Android App to Huawei AppGallery.

I use IAP using RevenueCart with iOS and Google and was wondering, whether Huawei support is already available / planned / not possible.

Thanks in advance!

4 replies

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Huawei support is not available, but is planned for the future! Our roadmap was shuffled around a bit with the Epic Games vs. Apple ruling but plan to roll out additional stores in 2022. The Amazon store will be first, and most of the work has already been done already, then most likely Huawei as the next storefront. Really hard to but an ETA on it at this time since it’s so forward looking, but we are moving in that direction. 

Does this include older Huawei devices that still use google play, i’m having some issues get subscriptions working on an Huawei device (ProductNotAvailableForPurchaseError) but not seeing this issue on any other android devices so far.

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Hey @Plot Snag the Huawei AppGallery is something different and is similar to the Play Store but owned by Huawei instead of Google, Huawei devices running the Play Store are supported. That error maps to Google’s `ITEM_UNAVAILABLE` error:



Huawei AppGallery Support would indeed be very nice to have.