How to handle fake signups with refunds

  • 28 September 2023
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Hi everyone,

we had recently the case that some user registred 20 times in our app, bought in app purchases for each account and canceled the purchase afterwards on google. This worked pretty fine for him (no idea why google doesn´t realize this) and is pretty bad for us since we had costs serving the user but receive nothing since the user has canceld the in app purchase.

Unfortunately it´s a no-go to let the user wait 2h or 2days (still not sure what is correct) unitl he receives his purchase.

How does the revenue community handle this kind of problem?

1 reply

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Hey @Squadhouse!

Sorry to hear this is happening - we’ll always track reported purchases, so RevenueCat itself won’t prevent this from occurring.

Maybe you can limit new accounts based on the user’s IP address in a certain amount of time? It’ll take some custom work, but maybe it’s an option. I’ll leave this thread open for others to chime in too.