How to handle duration of non-renewing subscription?

  • 2 March 2024
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My app offers a one year auto-renewing subscription. I also need to offer a one week subscription that does not automatically renew.

I am expecting the entitlement associated with the non-renewing subscription to be automatically revoked when the subscription expires, like it does when the user cancels an auto-renewing subscription.

I am able to specify the duration for the non-renewing subscription on Google Play, but don’t see how to do it on App Store Connect.

In searching the internet, it seems App Store Connect doesn’t support durations for non-renewing subscriptions.

Has Revenue Cat come up with a workaround on iOS so that entitlements associated with a non-renewing subscription can be automatically revoked?

Are entitlements automatically revoked on Android, at least?

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1 reply

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Hey @brad-stiff-a2953d,

Non-renewing subscriptions on iOS are more similar to consumables than to auto-renewable subscriptions. Like consumables, it’s up to you to track when access should be revoked by checking the date it was purchased. Like auto-renewable subscriptions, only one non-renewing subscription can be purchased at one time. So you should check the purchase date of the non-renewing subscription in RevenueCat and grant access accordingly. In general it seems Apple thinks your use case is better supported with either consumables or auto-renewable subscriptions due to this strange combination of limitations in non-renewing subscriptions. While they haven’t said anything, much of their documentation and APIs focus on those two as compared to non-renewing subscriptions.