How do I setup a product so that user could subscribe to same product multiple times.

  • 9 October 2022
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We have a service where user could purchase multiple subscriptions.

How do I set up a product so that a user could subscribe to the same product multiple times.

Let me give you an example.

When a user subscribe to one subscription which is for $100 a year.

That user could create a group on our platform and use the pro features.

Now, the same user could create multiple groups by subscribing to the same product multiple times. How do I achieve this with revenue cat on iOS? 


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3 replies

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Hi OddCircles,

Apple will not let you have concurrent subscriptions to the same product, or even to different products inside the same subscription group:

Since people can only buy one subscription within a group at a time, creating a single group is the best practice for most apps as it prevents people from accidentally purchasing multiple subscriptions


You would need to have multiple, independent subscription groups. This could become very challenging to manage, depending on the possible number of independent, concurrent subscriptions you want to allow.

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Hey all

I didn’t want to create a new post as wanted to discuss this further. This is quite a common requirement these days - apps like Twitter and IG allow you to subscribe to multiple users using iOS subs so was wondering if there is some people with experience on this.

My idea is to offer X sub groups, where X would be the total number of active subscriptions a single user could subscribe to, each sub group containing all the pricing tiers a creator can choose from. 

There’s quite a few issues with that solution e.g. creator changing their pricing model would be hard to retroactivaly change for existing subscribers, adding a new pricing tier to a sub group would be cumbersome and of course a lot of apple review and you have to constantly hard limit no. of subs a user can have

Using AppStore connect API to generate a sub group for each individual creator is the other idea - but every time has to go through Apple Review which I think they’ll hate and puts a delay on the creator being able to offer subs - also cannot find anything about total sub groups allowed!

Apple do mention creating multilpe sub groups for multiple content - so this is an intended design and must have been implemtented - but what experience has anyone with this?

To quote Apples own words:

“If your app needs to offer users the ability to buy multiple subscriptions — for example, to subscribe to more than one channel in a streaming app — you can add these subscriptions to different groups”

Hope someone can offer some practical experience on this matter! 



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Just want to follow up in that with IG I noticed every subscription to a user (out of the 10 I could find) had unique subscription Id’s  - but given IG requires I believe a manual review to offering a subscription process, and very limited I think it’s possible they are creating a sub group per user at this stage =/

Oh - I just saw this on the apple forum - so my idea even has official backing ;-)