how can we find out from where the transaction is triggered from

  • 10 May 2024
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when TRANSFER webhook is called, i’ve checked the event payload comes as below.

 "event": {
     "app_id": "1234567890",
     "event_timestamp_ms": 78789789798798,
     "id": "CD489E0E-5D52-4E03-966B-A7F17788E432",
     "store": "APP_STORE",
     "transferred_from": ["00005A1C-6091-4F81-BE77-F0A83A271AB6"],
     "transferred_to": ["4BEDB450-8EF2-11E9-B475-0800200C9A66"],
     "type": "TRANSFER",
     "environment": "PRODUCTION"
 "api_version": "1.0"

Using the payload, I’d like to transfer subscription info in my server RDB. However, transferre_from and transferred_to does not guarantee its order and the array length may not match. 

How can i find out accurate app_user_ids that are transferred from and transferred to?

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Hey @kate192-278871,

The `transferred_from` and `transferred_to` fields will include the original app user id as well as any aliases that the user may have, so the array length can vary depending on the user. As for the order, you can use any of the ids in the array to check subscription info via the GET /subscriber API endpoint - it will pull the latest info attached to that user.