How can I get a user's card on file without starting to charge them for a subscription jut yet?

  • 30 August 2021
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We want to be able to get our users’ cards on file without actually charging them for their subscriptions just yet.

In further details:

  1. We show our users a monthly & yearly subscription option. And we tell them we wont charge them just yet, but we will down the line
  2. Once they opt in, we want to be able to grab their card at that time (along with the plan they selected)
  3. Once we’re ready to start charging them, we want to use the card we got on file to begin their subscription

Is something like this possible on revenuecat?


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Hey @Gokul Kumarresen! 👋

RevenueCat isn’t a payment processor, so we don’t directly manage payment methods. In the case of using Stripe Checkout, Stripe will handle payment methods directly. When providing purchases via the App Store or Google Play, those stores handle payment methods and don’t support developers collecting card information for purchases later on- the user will need to manage their payment method directly with the store.

In general, it sounds like the behavior you are looking for is a normal ‘trial’, where the user makes a purchase of a subscription product that isn’t billed until the end of the trial period. The stores support this behavior directly and we have a guide on setting up trials for your products here.