Free Trials not showing in Production

  • 16 October 2021
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I’ve just launched an app into production and it’s not showing Free Trials correctly. I was under the understanding that this could be an issue in the Sandbox environment, but shouldn’t be an issue in production – however that appears to not be the case.

When users do click on ‘buy’ they are shown the free trial text in the system dialog, but it's a little late by then.

The Free Trial offers *are* showing when using the StoreKit config, so everything appears to be wired up correctly on the application side.

Any tips?


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4 replies

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Hi @Tristan,

Looks like you sent in a ticket with this question, so I answered you there. But for anyone else wondering, if you want to check free trial eligibility before the payment sheet is presented, on iOS you can use the method checkTrialOrIntroductoryPriceEligibility, just note that this may prompt a sign-in sheet if the user is not signed into their App Store Account. There isn't an equivalent method on Android, though you can check PurchaserInfo to see if the user has purchased a particular product previously.

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Hi, but as I said in my note, I’ve already got this wired up. I am calling checkTrialOrIntroductoryPriceEligibility. I have tested this with the StoreKit config and it works. However, it is not working in Sanbox or Production. Can you investigate this for me, please?

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To clarify, I have some specific UI that shows when the user is eligible for a free trial. The button text changes from ‘Continue’ to ’Start Free Trial’, and I also add some secondary text below ’Start Free Trial’ that says ‘3-days free, then $2.99 a month’.

This is an iOS app. When testing using the development configuration in Xcode (i.e. using a StoreKit configuration file) the UI behaves as expected. I can use the debugger in Xcode to see that RevenueCat returns an eligible status for the relevant product identifiers. This is what I use to update my UI to show the relevant copy.

However, when in the live Sandbox or Production environments (i.e. not using a StoreKit config file) I seem to be getting an unknown/ineligible status from RevenueCat. However, when Apple's payment sheet is presented by the system, it *does* show the free trial.

I read on a post somewhere here that in the Sandbox environment (i.e. when using Testflight) free trial eligibility may return unknown but this shouldn’t happen in production.

I’ve also forwarded you an example user ID which you can diagnose this with via Zendesk.

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Hi @sundeep, it looks like it was a mistake I had made after all. I was checking eligibility using the package identifier rather than the product identifier. It’s confusing as for some reason when using a debug StoreKit configuration the trial was showing as eligible. No idea why that was happening, but I’m not going to worry if it’s working now :)