Free Entitlement For All Users

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Hello, I’m close to finishing development for a new app. I want to give all new users Lifetime PRO for free without having to go through a paywall as some users will reject it even if it says FREE on apple’s confirmation modal.

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Sorry I don’t have a solution to this problem but just a guess. I’d guess that Apple wouldn’t let you apply an in-app purchase to users without them consenting so it would probably be hard to make this happen. But if they’re ok with it, could you just trigger the purchase as soon as your app loads?

Also, what’s your use case for this? Why not just leave RevenueCat out of the picture and give the app and features to your users for free?

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That’s a good idea, granting the entitlement right when the app loads. I think I forgot to mention I want to give the app for free for limited time around 2-3 months, such as when the period is over and I add inapp/subscriptions the old users don’t have to pay for it or have limited access for not having the entitlement.